First Light launches new grass-fed wagyu beef mince pack

First Light Grass-fed Wagyu Beef mince pack

New Zealand’s only 100 percent grass-fed wagyu beef producer is promising consumers better bolognese, tastier tacos, and kickass koftas with the launch of its new 400g pack of wagyu beef mince in selected New Zealand stores this week.

First Light’s mince is the perfect addition to any meal, “because everything tastes better with wagyu,” says Jason Ross, First Light co-founder.

It tastes so good, he continues, because First Light has developed a very Kiwi wagyu animal bred solely for New Zealand conditions – one that can thrive on delicious green grass, without the use of any grains, GMO, hormones, or antibiotics.

Mexican Mince using First Light Grass-fed Wagyu beef mince“What that means for families is complete confidence when they’re cooking for the kids – confidence that the beef they’re using is as pure and natural as possible.”

It’s also a healthier choice – wagyu contains “truckloads” of Omega-3, which is the compound our brains need to function at their best, says Ross. Studies suggest that grass-fed wagyu has the very best Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio (Omega-6 is the omega compound thought to contribute to depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s) – even better than the other grass-fed meats on the market.

The flavour profile of wagyu – nutty, juicy, delicate yet deliciously beefy – means with the addition of just a few pantry staples, family-style dinners like lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, koftas and meatballs taste extraordinary.

Each 400g pack, available now in selected New Zealand retail stores at an RRP of $9.99, features a banging grass-fed wagyu beef mince recipe to try at home:  Easy Bolognese Sauce, Versatile Mexi Mince, Korean Beef Bowl, and Wagyu Koftas.

First Light has also developed a range of recipes with food technologist and in-house cook Gemma Wynne-Lewis like the Mexican Mince above. Explore them here …

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