Focus on the future of NZ’s food and fibre innovation at Grow 2019

Kaila Colbin
Kaila Colbin.

A lot of excitement is being generated for the two-day Grow 2019 Agri-food Summit in Christchurch next month.

An interesting programme is being developed with a mix of local and global speakers, which organiser Boma NZ says are all seeking to answer the “huge questions about the future of food and fibre in New Zealand”. The presenters will look at how technology will transform the way we grow and sell, how the market is changing, how climate change will affect New Zealand’s primary sector and what social license to operate will look like in the future.

Speakers include: food technology company ImpactVision’s co-founder and chief executive Abi Ramanan. Her company “inteprets hyperspectral images to give food producers and retailers information in a non-invasive manner, facilitating superior decision-making, optimising food chain processes and preventing food waste across the globe while also maximising yield and quality of products delivered to customers.”;¬† Roger Beattie of Christchurch-based Wyld Lamb; Tim Cannon chief executive of Livestock Labs, an American biotechnology startup that creates implantable technology for cattle and other animals; Lain Jager, chair of the Primary Sector Council; Zenia Tata, chief impact officer of XPrize who is passionate about leveraging technological innovation for the greater good of agriculture and food, she says; and Rachel Taulelei, Kono chief executive.

“We’re growing Grow 2019 to help the food and fibre industries tackle challenges and identify opportunities; to provide the information, tools and guidance to encourage innovation across supply chains; and to grow product value and reduce environmental impacts, all in ways that are sustainable in the long-term,” says Kaila Colbin, Boma NZ chief executive, who has just announced the Ministry for Primary Industries has just joined Grow 2019 as the Summit’s Foundation Partner.

“Our partnership with MPI is instrumental in making that happen,” she says.

The conference is aiming to bring together people from right across the spectrum of the primary sector from farmers to suppliers to producers, distributors, executives, entrepreneurs to educators. The vision is to help New Zealand’s food and fibre sector become more innovative, sustainable, collaborative and profitable.

First Light Foods is one of the event partners.

Boma NZ is part of the global Boma network of futurists supporting business leaders, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs, young people and changemakers to navigate the rapidly changing world. Boma Global founder Lara Stein is the founder of TEDx.

Grow 2019 will be held on 10-11 April in the Horncastle Arena in Christchurch. Find out more …

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