Future of Food: Lincoln hosting global food science conference

International food scientists will be gathering at Lincoln University next week (17-19 February) for a three day conference that will see over 200 oral and post presentations.

The overarching conference theme is the Future of Food Innovation, Nutrition and Technology and it will bring together more than 250 scientists, government officials and industry representatives from more than 50 countries around the globe.

The conference also celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the International Journal of Food Science and Technology (IJFST), one of the oldest and most established food science and technology journals in the world.

Prof Charles Brennan, Lincoln UniversityAccording to conference chairman, Lincoln University Professor in Food Science, IJFST editor-in-chief Charles Brennan, the event is a unique opportunity to facilitate an information exchange that brings together industry, universities and research centres.

“The conference will also provide a great opportunity to showcase the pivotal role New Zealand plays in the area of food science and product innovation,” he says, adding that the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is a major event sponsor. Other sponsors include Wiley Publishing and the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Understanding meat science quality is just one of the 21 sessions at the conference and includes seven speakers from the US, China, Malaysia and New Zealand. Other sessions cover topics such as food sustainability and security, designing foods for human health,food safety and microbiology, the consumer of the future and novel food technology.

More conference information and registration …

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