It’s going down at the World Butchers’ Challenge

Pure South Sharp Blacks

It’s all going down in Belfast, UK, next month, when the Pure South Sharp Blacks will pull out their butchers knives to compete in the 2018 World Butchers’ Challenge.

Twelve nations, each with a team of six retail butchers, are now competing for the chance to lift the challenge trophy, established in 2011 when New Zealand top retail butchers first challenged their Australian counterparts. In 2013, a team from Great Britain entered the newly re-named Tri-Nations Butcher’s Challenge. Another name change was necessary in 2016 when France joined in – and went on to take out the World Butchers’ Challenge title that year. The competition has grown even further since then, with the addition of teams from Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, South Africa and Brazil in more recent years. Competition has stiffened further with the entry of three more newcomers – Greece, the US and Italy.

The Pure South Sharp Blacks, this year sponsored by Pure South, Beef + Lamb NZ Inc (B+LNZ Inc) New Zealand Pork and Argus, have won the trophy three times so far – in 2013, 2014 and 2015. A delegation of industry supporters will be there in Ireland to cheer on their latest attempt.

The 2018 Pure South Sharp Blacks team of Hohepa Smith, Greg Egerton, Jeremy Garth, Zak Grammar and Hannah Miller Childs, led by team captain Corey Winder have laid down the challenge to their competitors in a new video ‘Can’t touch this meat’, featuring the team members, plus individuals from Retail Meat New Zealand. Watch out for the cameo appearance from Beef + Lamb NZ Inc’s Rod Slater.

Watch the video below and get those cheers coming for the #PureSouthSharpBlacks at the #WorldButchersChallenge!!




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