Got a grizzle with UK supermarkets? Act now

Professor David Hughes speaking at last year's Red Meat Sector Conference. Photo BLNZ.

Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián think we might be at a watershed moment for the power of ‘traditional’ supermarkets.

In their latest Supermarkets in Your Pocket blogpost, the pair point to the UK’s Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) – ” … the first independent adjudicator to oversee the relationships between the major supermarkets and their suppliers. Specifically, the GCA ensures that the 10 largest supermarkets treat their direct suppliers lawfully and fairly, and investigates complaints and arbitrates in disputes.”

If any Kiwi suppliers have a grizzle with UK supermarkets you have an opportunity to act, but you need to do it quickly.

Hughes and Flavián tell us, “The GCA is launching its third annual survey of the groceries sector. It’s a brilliant opportunity for you to voice your concerns (or even your plaudits) about dealing with the ‘Big 10’ supermarkets. But, in the parlance of the trade, act now to avoid disappointment! The survey closes on April 29th. If you’re dealing with UK supermarkets from home or abroad, just get on the GCA website and complete the survey. You know it makes sense!

Read more and link to the GCA survey …

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