Kiwis want to see more venison at restaurants and supermarkets, says Duncan NZ

Increasing numbers of Kiwis are asking restaurants and supermarkets to make venison more available, according to a new survey from venison processor Duncan NZ.

This is because tastes are becoming more adventurous in New Zealand and the public are looking for alternatives to the traditional red meats that are eaten most nights, claims the company.

Six hundred and fifty people, both men and women from all age brackets from New Zealand’s North and South Islands were surveyed by Duncan NZ in November. The results revealed that 37 percent of New Zealanders eat red meat three to five times a week, with some eating it even more regularly than that (12 percent said they eat it every day). However, despite most people enjoying venison (90 percent), only 30 percent eat it once per week, and another 30 percent have it on the menu once per month. Twenty-three percent have it even less often, eating venison only a couple of times per year.

The main reason cited for not eating it more regularly was availability. Almost 80 percent said that they would cook with it, and eat it at restaurants more often, if it was easier to get hold of.

The results have been encouraging for Duncan Venison , a family-owned company that launched its consumer brand in July 2016.

“After exporting premium quality venison to overseas markets for much of our 27 year history, we thought it was about time we gave Kiwi consumers a chance to enjoy it,” explains Duncan NZ director, Vinnie Duncan.

“Our Bistro Fillet from Pāmu Farms has been developed specifically to appeal to a consumer that wants ease of preparation, along with a consistency of taste and tenderness. With Duncan Venison now available via an online store, as well as through an ever-growing network of restaurants supplied by our distributor, Carve Meat Co, (including The Sugar Club, Depot and Paris Butter), we are confident of fulfilling the demand that is definitely there, and our feedback tells us that our new product is filling those consumer requirements.

“The farm gate to dinner plate principle has always appealed to us,” adds Vinnie. “We have full control and visibility of the whole process, from the deer being raised, to the venison being delivered to our customers. We know that it is being produced sustainably, and in the best free-range, natural environments. That’s important to us, and it’s becoming more and more important to New Zealand consumers, who want food that is healthy, tasty, and raised responsibly.”

The survey also showed that people like venison because of the taste (76 percent), health benefits (50 percent), versatility (18 percent), and ease of cooking (26 percent). The most popular way of cooking and serving it is grilled or fried in a pan or on the BBQ.

For more information on Duncan Venison and to purchase product online, including the new ‘Bistro Fillet from Pāmu Farms’, visit


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