Leading international chefs visit New Zealand for Antipocurean Series tour

Silvio Armanni
Silvio Armanni, one of the visiting delegation.

A delegation of leading international chefs is visiting Kiwi farms and restaurants this week as part of the Antipocurean Series, an innovative initiative designed to showcase New Zealand lamb, beef and venison.

Chefs from the UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand, along with international food media, are touring South Island farms and visiting premium restaurants as part of the Antipocurean Series organised by leading food company Alliance Group.

Michael Wignall, Renee Miller and Simon Hulstone of the UK, and Jim Lofdahl and Silvio Armanni of Hong Kong, are among the international chefs attending the tour.

One of the world’s leading food bloggers, Dubai-based Kiwi Zowie Bowker, who has 46,000 Instagram followers, and Wilson Fok, of Hong Kong’s Tatler Dining, have also joined the delegation.

The chefs’ skills will be put to the test at two public events at Chillingworth Road restaurant in Christchurch and at Jack’s Point restaurant near Queenstown. Over both evenings, guests will experience a selection of products in Alliance’s range such as Pure South Handpicked 55-Day Aged Beef, Silere alpine origin merino, Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Handpicked venison.

The delegation will also visit a series of farms including Minaret Station, Wanaka, Godley Peaks Station, Lake Tekapo and White Rock Station near the Rangitata Gorge.

Peter Russell
Peter Russell, Alliance Group general manager marketing.

Peter Russell, general manager marketing at Alliance Group, said the Antipocurean Series aims to offer international chefs and media an insight into New Zealand’s produce and its unique provenance.

“We’re aiming to improve the awareness and understanding of New Zealand as a purveyor of premium fare. Although the country boasts a fine reputation, we can do much more to highlight the source of origin, environment and people behind our premium lamb, beef and venison.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate to international media and the food service sector the passion of our farmers and the fact that not all lamb, beef and venison is the same.

“We will be showing the chefs and media that our food is very much a product of the unique and land it is raised upon. Diners will also get the chance to enjoy our premium products cooked by leading international chefs.”

The Antipocurean Series, a novel pairing of the words antipodean and epicurean, is an important component of Alliance Group’s food service strategy, which aims to capture greater market value for the benefit of farmer shareholders.

“Alliance is committed to taking our premium fare to the world and building a cadre of international chefs or Antipocureans, who have actually experienced the land, people and environment,” says Russell.

“Alliance is now a food company and our products are enjoyed in more than 65 countries across the globe. This initiative reflects our commitment to producing a more sophisticated and differentiated offer for our customers.”


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