Maersk Line improving digital supply chain

Gerard Morrison, Maersk line, speaking at the Maersk Gala Dinner, RMSC 2018
Gerard Morrison, Maersk line, speaking at the Maersk Gala Dinner

Red Meat Sector Conference Gala dinner sponsor Maersk Line Oceania has been busy behind the scenes over the past year developing new smart assets and improving digital supply chain integration for exports of red meat sector products, amongst others, to markets around the globe.

In late 2017, the shipper launched Remote Container Management (RCM), explains Maersk Line managing director Gerard Morrison.

“This involved equipping our fleet of over 260,000 refrigerated ‘reefer’ containers with simple M2M technology – a modem, GPS, wireless SIM card and satellite link. Deployed on a global scale, RCM is changing the concept of supply chain visibility, and the costs and opportunities associated with providing it, he says.

In addition, here in New Zealand, RCM technology is now actively used by 25 export companies, including meat exporters, which are building RCM data into their own ‘internal’ systems.

“With full transparency of the complete supply chain, shippers can ensure that their cargo is being treated with the highest care at all stages on the container’s journey,” says Morrison. “And, with more reliable data available, they can work more strategically on developing products and optimise processes along the entire supply chain.”

The paperwork and processes vital to global trade are also set to undergo a groundbreaking digital transformation.

“Following an extended period of research and collaboration, Maersk and IBM are developing an end-to-end global digital trading network based on blockchain technology. The solution has been called Global Trade Digitalisation (GTD) – an open industry platform that will move all administrative processes and transactions associated with a container shipment to the internet.”

This article appeared in Food NZ magazine (August/September 2018) and is reproduced here with permission.


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