Meat exports to Egypt simplified

Martyn Dunne, MPI
Martyn Dunne, MPI.

A new arrangement signed recently will simplify New Zealand’s meat exports to Egypt, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says.

Under the new arrangement, Egyptian authorities will no longer have to visit each individual meat premise that wishes to export to the market.

The arrangement was signed by MPI director-general Martyn Dunne and Egyptian deputy Minister for Agriculture Dr Mona Mehrez in Wellington.

“This the first time Egypt has agreed this type of arrangement with any country, and is a clear demonstration of the strength of New Zealand’s meat regulatory programme and our good relationship with Egypt that has developed through years of export, engagement and audit,” says Dunne.

“It’s pleasing New Zealand’s meat regulatory programme meets the expectations of the Egyptian Government. New Zealand has a world class meat regulatory programme and signing of the arrangement with Egypt further reinforces this”

The signing was part of a visit by Dr Mehrez and a delegation of the country’s senior veterinarians to learn about New Zealand’s meat regulatory programme and explore opportunities for collaboration.

This arrangement will make it easier for New Zealand exporters to access the market for New Zealand meat products. In the year to 30 June 2017,  about $52 million of meat products was exported to the country.

“New Zealand is proud of its long history of agricultural exports to Egypt,” says Dunne.

“We are committed to growing this important trade, a key part of which is through simplifying exporting processes. This arrangement is a great example. Both countries have committed to working together to identify areas we can cooperate in, particularly in animal health and husbandry.

“We look forward to deepening New Zealand’s trading relationship with Egypt even further through sharing our respective knowledge and experience.”

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