Meat Integrity at AgResearch

Meat Integrity is the focus of the 2014 AgResearch Meat Industry Workshop.

Recent international events with New Zealand produce combined with changes in transportation to our markets means that the integrity of our produce is likely to be even more closely scrutinised. The one-day Meat Integrity workshop, being organised by Dr Mustafa Farouk and Robert Kemp and others, will cover all aspects from farm-to-plate with a selection of speakers and topics that will “generate robust discussion”. Conversations will continue, no doubt, at the end-of-day barbecue – an excellent opportunity for socialising with like-minded people, the organisers say.

The workshop will be held on 18 March 2014 at the McMeekan Centre, AgResearch Ruakura Campus in Hamilton.

The Meat Industry Association’s workshop will be held at the same venue the following day.

For more information and registration information click here.


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