Minister welcomes new venison PGP programme

NZ Minister for Primary Industries, Nathan GuyPrimary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has welcomed the formal start of a new Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme involving the deer industry.

’Passion2Profit’ (P2P) is a seven year programme which aims to deliver economic benefits of $56 million per year in additional industry revenue by the end of the programme. The programme’s contract was formally signed today by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) director-general Martyn Dunne and Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) chief executive Dan Coup.

Speaking at the Deer Industry Conference, which opened today in Napier, DINZ chairman Andy Macfarlane welcomed the signing of the contract as “hugely exciting”. It will enable new systems and new technology, both on-farm and in-market, to help lift the profitability of the industry, he said.

“Now it is a reality, we can stop talking about it and start doing it.”

The Minister says that the partnership between DINZ and MPI will set the groundwork for major improvements in the production and marketing of New Zealand venison.

“The programme will help the industry overcome a key challenge from its over-reliance on markets where demand is seasonal and not in step with our own venison supply.

“It will brand and position New Zealand venison as a luxury red meat sold year-round in new markets.

“The programme will also help farmers to adopt systems and technologies to enable them to deliver the venison that markets want, and when they want.”

“It will bring together producers, processors and marketers of venison, who represent 95 percent of the venison produced in New Zealand.”

A total investment of $16 million has been secured for P2P, with MPI contributing almost $7.4 million and the balance coming from DINZ and its commercial partners, which include five venison exporting companies: Silver Fern Farms, Alliance Group, First Light Venison, Duncan (NZ) and Mountain River Venison.

“It’s encouraging to see broad support for this programme from the wider deer industry,” says Guy.


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