MWU supports positive initiatives to make the red meat sector stronger

The Meat Workers Union (MWU) has responded to the launch of the Meat Industry Excellence report. It says it supports positive initiatives that aim to make the red meat sector stronger and grow to its full potential, and with it jobs, pay and conditions.

Graham Cooke, the MWU national secretary, believes that workers who actually do the processing work need a voice as well.

“Restructuring and consolidation are easy on paper; but workers, families and communities often end up paying the price.

“Our country is littered with closed freezing works and the dashed hopes and dreams of rural communities. That’s why MWU has launched the Jobs that Count secure work campaign.”

Cooke believes MWU members should be part of any conversation about the future of this important export industry.

“The New Zealand meat industry can’t survive by lowering wages and conditions, making jobs less secure and relying on contingent labour, as we are seeing in meat companies overseas.”


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