New ANZCO Foods chair announced

Sam Misonou, ANZCO Foods

Kazuhiko (Sam) Misonou has been appointed chairman of ANZCO Foods, replacing company founder Sir Graeme Harrison who is retiring from the board at the end of March.

Misonou is well known to ANZCO having joined the Board in 2013. He has had significant international business experience. Previously, he worked in beef processing and feedlot operations in Australia, had six years in the pork industry in the US and has extensive experience in the meat industry in Japan.

In 2016, Misonou became President of Yonekyu Inc, a Japanese meat production, marketing and sales company that was established in 1965. He took charge of Yonekyu when ANZCO shareholder Itoham Foods merged to form Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Inc. The merger joined together what were the second and seventh largest meat processing and marketing operations in Japan. Today Itoham Yonekyu is believed to be the tenth largest meat company in the world.

Misonou’s experience will further strengthen ANZCO’s leading position in the New Zealand food sector.

Sir Graeme Harrison is retiring after establishing ANZCO in 1984 and becoming chairman in 2004. He will continue to take an active interest in the New Zealand agricultural sector and international trade developments.

Sam Misonou will be based in Christchurch and become ANZCO’s third chairman from 1 April 2018.

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