New Farm Alliance app launched to help Alliance Group farmer suppliers

Heather Stacy
Heather Stacy, Alliance Group's general manager livestock and shareholder services.

A new Farm Alliance app to help Alliance Group’s beef, sheep and deer suppliers manage the processing of their stock has been launched.

The new Farm Alliance app, has been developed as part of the co-operative’s business strategy to support its 5,000 farmer shareholders, providing a range of resources for farmers to help them manage the processing of their stock.

Farmers can now see their own livestock processing results in real-time, access their latest kill sheets, make booking requests, check statistics and schedule and receive industry updates.

Mark Blandford, Alliance chief information officer says the cooperative is constantly looking for new ways to help its farmer shareholders with their businesses.

“Farmers can get their kill sheets delivered straight to their mobile phones as soon as their stock is processed and they will be automatically notified when new information is available,” he says. “The menu also includes all of a farmer’s kills for the previous six months and annual kill statistics. These can also be filtered by species.”

Alliance Group will also explore making further enhancements to the platform in the months ahead, he says.

Heather Stacy, Alliance Group’s general manager livestock and shareholder services, says: “This is another example of our business strategy in action as we seek to improve our co-operative’s performance and lift returns to our farmer shareholders.”

The app accounts for patchy coverage in some rural locations by saving information, such as booking requests, and sending it only once the connection is active, she said.

Farmers can download the Farm Alliance app, free of charge, from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


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