New stun monitor and logger for meat processing

A new state-of-the-art stun monitor and logger (CTSML) has been developed by New Zealand consultancy and technology development company Carne Technologies. This device enables meat processing personnel to monitor and log electrical stuns in real time, ensuring stun effectiveness and compliance with industry standards.

Carne Technologies general manager Dr Nicola Simmons says its CTSML is more than a simple logging device.

“This does more than just log information: this device pinpoints the causes of poor stunning and gives operators immediate feedback to improve performance, as well as identify problems with procedures or with equipment,” she says.

This means the CTSML becomes an important training tool, and, for this reason, goes much further than most other products of its type currently available in international markets.

The company launched the latest version of the product at IFFA, the leading international trade fair for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry, held in May 2016 and generated plenty of interest.

Dr Nicola Simmons.
Dr Nicola Simmons.

Simmons says Carne Technologies is currently working to bring on board agents based in France and the UK, in addition to its Australian-based agent, to facilitate sales thanks to the strong interest in the industry.

The benefits of the technology are wide reaching, she says.

The CTSML records detailed and extensive stun data for compliance and audit requirements, measures operator performance and assists with stun operator training, and provides simple summary information to identify faulty procedures or equipment.

Crucially, the CTSML also monitors stun effectiveness to meet animal welfare standards. With recent developments in EU regulations regarding the use of electrical stunning equipment in meat processing, it is important operators get feedback across all aspects of the stunning process.

“Just logging stun information, without the tools to act on any problems immediately, isn’t ideal. With our system, all stun information can be accessed and displayed in real time, via any device such as tablets or phones. This means managers and supervisors can view stun operations from anywhere” Nicola says.

“The logger automatically emails summary reports and alarms if problems are detected, and we can provide remote support to help interpret the data and troubleshoot problems.”

The CTSML is compatible with most electrical stun systems and the 12 inch touch screen displays the stun amperage and voltage in real time while immediately alerting operators of any aspect of the stun that fails to meet requirements.

Valuable tool for Auckland Meat Processors

New Zealand meat processing company Auckland Meat Processors has been using the CTSML for many months and has found it to be an invaluable tool in their day to day operations.

Managing director Fred Hellaby says the CTSML has improved productivity and operator performance while giving the company a solid database on stun performance.

“The CTSML has proven to be a valuable tool for us in the training of our operators and therefore improving our overall output and performance. The technology provides meat processing companies with the peace of mind they are performing to international welfare and safety standards.”


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