Partnership helps to set New Zealand beef apart from the competition

Royal Host says its diners put a premium on safe, quality food.
Royal Host says its diners put a premium on safe, quality food.

A partnership between Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ Ltd) and a restaurant chain in Taiwan is helping to open consumers’ eyes to the nutritional benefits of grass-fed New Zealand beef.

New Zealand product makes up more than 80 percent of the beef dishes offered on Royal Host’s menu.

The chain has 14 locations across Taiwan and caters for family dining in particular. Vice-president Shirley Huang says local diners put a premium on safe, quality food, so Royal Host values that New Zealand beef is such a positive option.

“In our menus, we include images of cows grazing peacefully on open pasture. New Zealand grass-fed beef is low in fat and has lower cholesterol.”

B+LNZ  has been working with Royal Host since 2008. Huang says the partnership has been important in communicating what sets New Zealand beef apart. “With B+LNZ’s help and support, we are able to educate our customers, provide healthier choices and bring more awareness.

“New Zealand beef was not so common in Taiwan previously and we wanted to present people with a beef option that was safe, natural and healthy – and also tasted good,” she says. “Consumers are very sharp and they know what they do and don’t like. People can taste the difference when they eat New Zealand beef.”

For Royal Host, New Zealand beef also offers continuity of supply, as well as traceability and consistency of quality, taste and safety.

For B+LNZ, the long-standing relationship has resulted in some extraordinary marketing opportunities – such as a recent special event for fans of New Zealand beef, tied to a competition run through Facebook. The winners learned how to cook a Kiwi-style steak, demonstrated by one of the restaurant’s chefs, followed by a tasting of all dishes on the Royal Host menu featuring grass-fed New Zealand beef.

“Social media is an important marketing channel in all of our export markets,” says B+LNZ CEO, Dr Scott Champion. Our consumer Facebook pages, like PasturePerfect in Taiwan, are great tools in helping to create awareness among consumers and engage them with our brand.”

Huang adds: “Facebook is massive in Taiwan. Eighty per cent of the population is on Facebook and individuals spend an average of 100 minutes on it, daily. We’re a small island with train transport and, when we are on the train, that’s the time we check our email and Facebook. It’s an important marketing channel for us.”

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