Pregnancy target for World Iron Awareness Week 2017

Mark your calendars for World Iron Awareness Week 2017.

Beef Roulades with Crunchy Honey Pumpkin. Recipe Beef + Lamb NZ Inc.

Facilitated by Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ Inc), World Iron Awareness Week is a public health campaign now well-established in the health professional’s calendar. The campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of dietary iron, recognising the signs of low iron and what can be done about it.

From May 1 to 7, B+LNZ will work with bodies such as the NZ Institute of Food Scientists and Technologists (NZIFST) to disseminate the important message of iron deficiency during pregnancy.

B+LNZ nutrition manager Emily Parks explains the decision to focus the 2017 campaign on the pregnancy and postpartum period was in part due to the high-risk nature of this group but also because of research identifying new risk-factors of iron deficiency, such as the effects of inflammation on iron metabolism.

“Beef + Lamb New Zealand acknowledges diet as an important preventative measure so will highlight the effectiveness of lean red meat as an excellent contributor to dietary iron intake, the highly bioavailable nature of haem iron and the presence of a ‘meat factor’ in muscle tissue which is known to increase iron absorption greatly,” she says.

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This article appeared in Food NZ magazine (April/May 2017) and is reproduced here with permission.

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