Protein: Eat like a champion!

Professor Teresa Ann Davis on protein

Protein! It’s the powerhouse ingredient for the body. But when it comes to the best nutritional bang for the buck, which is better – animal or plant sourced?

Professor Teresa Davis
Professor Davis.

A visitor professor of paediatric nutrition, Professor Teresa Ann Davis, will be talking about the importance of animal-derived protein in a healthy diet at a free public lecture to be hosted by the Riddet Institute in Palmerston North.

It’s a hot topic today with the growing trend in plant-based diets. The organisers promise Professor Davis will cut through the myths to examine why animal-sourced protein is needed in a healthy diet.

Unlike plant proteins, animal proteins naturally contain the correct proportion of amino acids that human bodies need for optimal growth and development in childhood, lifelong weight management and muscle function and for preservation of muscle mass and strength as we age.

Professor Davis is a paediatric nutrition scientist (Professor of Paediatrics, USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center, Baylor College of Medicine). Internationally recognised for studies on the nutritional regulation of protein metabolism and growth, she has extensive experience in protein metabolism and synthesis and the metabolic effects of nutrients, hormones and growth factors. She is extensively published and has received numerous awards recognising her longstanding contribution to research. Professor Davis is a member of the Riddet Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) Science Advisory Panel and is the current editor-in-chief of The Journal of Nutrition.

The lecture will take place at the Speirs Centre, Palmerston North Boys’ High School, 263 Featherston Street, Palmerston North on Tuesday, 28 August at 6:00pm.

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