Role of Red Meat report published

Role of Red Meat in a Healthy New Zealand DietBeef + Lamb NZ’s Role of Red Meat in a Healthy New Zealand Diet (see FoodNZ February/March 2015) has recently been published.

The report covers many aspects of the role beef and lamb play in the diet, both as a provider of nutrients and in respect to key chronic diseases seen in New Zealand.

The report has been reviewed and updated since the last edition in 2008 by freelance nutritionist Amanda Johnson and peer reviewed. The update has had an additional 80 studies reviewed and reflects research impacting several areas of meat nutrition, including nutrient requirements throughout the life stages, meat production, sustainability, the evolutionary aspects of meat eating, with a new section on mental health.

An electronic copy of the report can be downloaded at, or you can order your free hard copy by emailing Fiona Greig

This article has appeared in Food NZ magazine (August/September 2015) and is reproduced here with permission.


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