Sarah Walker says NZ chefs deserve gold

Sarah Walker (right) with another Beef + lamb Iron Maiden Lisa Carrington.

New Zealand is not only renowned as one of the top sporting nations in the world but our beef and lamb is also second to none and restaurants around the country are lining up to be part of our culinary story.

BMX rider and Olympic silver medallist, Sarah Walker believes our chefs should be profiled on the world stage just as our athletes are.

“Based on my travels around the world, I know that as a nation we are renowned for our beef and lamb and as such I think we should be doing all we can to celebrate it,” says Walker.

2017 marks twenty-one years of the highly sought after Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards – a programme which aims to do just that.

Any restaurant in the country, with beef or lamb on their menu, can apply for the Excellence Award which is rewarded to chefs in acknowledgement of their skills in showcasing New Zealand beef and lamb.

If restaurants meet the standard, they are awarded a gold plate which symbolises a high level of cookery, creativity and execution of their beef and lamb cuisine.

Top foodie, Kathy Paterson, agrees with Sarah Walker and believes a key selling point for visitors to New Zealand is our ever-evolving food scene partnered with an exciting paddock to plate story and an exceptional product.

“We have the best beef and lamb in the world and what some of our chefs and restaurants are doing with it, is truly remarkable. We should be showing their skills off to not only locals but people visiting our country,” says Paterson.

Chefs are invited to apply for the award until 31 July and restaurant assessing begins on August 1 through to the end of October. This year’s gold plate recipients will be announced on December 1.

For a list of current 2016 Excellence Award holders visit

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