So, what’s your story?

Play to shoppers’ emotions without being patronising and give them a story, is the latest advice from the Supermarkets in Your Pocket guru duo, Hughes and Flavián.

In a new post at the blog, they cover what’s in shoppers minds when they’re in store. But it’s not all about buying local and seasonal, they say: “shoppers seek information on the products they buy and want the story associated with them.”

But, do we need to go to the lengths of the talking vegetables from Japan?

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The Supermarkets in Your Pocket blog is a ‘quick and witty review of grocery world developments, with a special focus on the UK’, according to its co-authors Professor David Hughes, emeritus professor of food marketing for Imperial College London, and Spaniard Miguel Flavián. The latter works for several Spanish companies and organisations to help them learn from the developments of the British grocery market.

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