Targeted New Zealand venison marketing in Germany showing results

Nick Taylor, DINZ Cervena Canada
Nick Taylor, DINZ

Results of targeted marketing of New Zealand venison are starting to show results in Germany. German chefs and media have been busy in the Northern Hemisphere game season learning about New Zealand venison, creating new dishes and writing about them.

This follows a decision last year by Deer Industry NZ (DINZ) to carry out a little bit more activity during the game season than had been done in the last couple of years, explains DINZ venison marketing manager Nick Taylor.

Deer Industry News 94-WEB“While we continue to work to diversify our markets, it is still important to undertake promotional activities during game season. New Zealand venison continues to compete with a number of other proteins. Reminding chefs of our product helps it to remain top of mind for chefs and on their menus,” he says.

A presence at the Busche Gala and private press dinners resulted in over 100 social media posts and articles on New Zealand venison.

Working alongside the Summer Cervena® programme, the hard work in the market is starting to pay off, he notes in an article in the latest Deer Industry News magazine, with sales lifting to a value of $50 million, up 22 percent on the previous year.

The magazine’s venison market update notes the national average published venison schedule was $9.77 in the week ending 8 February – the second highest recorded price for this time of year, 41 percent up on the 2014-2017 average and down a little from the exceptional level achieved in 2018.

This issue also looks at how First Light Foods 2017 award-winning deer farmers Richard and Emma Lawson who gained a view of the UK venison market last year, helping to tailor their production for prestigious retail customers Waitrose & Partners.

First Light Foods has also included a new smoked manuka honey venison sausage into their new preservative-free sausage range for New Zealand consumers.

Another feature covers how New Zealand venison is feeding into a collaborative red meat sector study working on some exciting and potentially world-leading new in-plant sensor technology.

The magazine also has the latest information on this year’s Deer Industry Conference that will take place in Wellington on 16-17 May.

You can read all about it and more in-depth deer industry specific news, including on-farm field-days, trials and more, in the latest edition of Deer Industry News 94, which you can download here …


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