Taste Pure Nature origin brand goes live in California

Taste Pure Nature origin brand

The New Zealand red meat sector’s origin brand ‘Taste Pure Nature’ has gone live today in the United States.

Beef + Lamb NZ (B+LNZ Ltd)’s general manager international market development Nick Beeby covered the latest news from the development of the sector’s origin brand ‘Taste Pure Nature’ at the AgResearch Meat Technology Workshop in Hamilton last week.

Nick Beeby
Nick Beeby, seen here speaking at the AgResearch Food Technology Workshop, has been leading the team developing the new campaign.

When he spoke to the audience of meat processors, scientists and food technologists last Thursday, the pilot campaign for the brand was poised for its imminent launch in the US state of California. This was launched this morning in California and announced at the B+LNZ AGM in Timaru.

The campaign, which aims to raise awareness of New Zealand beef and lamb, will target US ‘conscious foodies’, whose shopping and eating habits have been intricately researched by the B+LNZ researchers who followed a sample set of them around for two and a half months, Beeby explained.

“We’re not trying to take on the world, so we’re putting our money into a region where we know it will work.”

What the researchers found across all of the eight markets studied was that premium consumers want quality and experience from their food, said Beeby. “They look beyond price when buying meat and enjoy trying new styles, formats and originals. They have greater awareness around the origin and raising skills which opens an opportunity for New Zealand,” said Beeby.

Eighty-two percent think fresh product from trusted suppliers is important, 76 percent are health conscious and they’re also a “social bunch,” he said. “Food is a focal point for interaction.”

“Beef is king” around the world, and especially in the US, and the grass-fed beef category is growing rapidly, said Beeby.

He showed the sheepmeat category has been growing significantly too in the past few years. “We say lamb has legs,” he said, noting millennial consumers are looking for a more natural option “and they believe lamb is a more natural choice. a greater range of consumers is coming into the market.”

However, New Zealand’s existing competitors are well established have captured most of the growth for that and also for beef, he said, pointing to Australia in particular, which is investing “right through the supply chain,” according to Beeby.

“But it’s not just existing competitors, we’re starting to see a whole range of competitors emerging, including the likes of the alternative protein producers,” he said.

There will be a strong digital component to the ‘Taste Pure Nature’ campaign, using a digital hub and social media channels such as You Tube, FaceBook and bloggers, in conjunction with events and advertising, to target the exact consumers at the right times, when it is known meat consumption is an option.

“However, we have to make our mark, you can’t just have a great brand, it has to have some legitimacy,” said Beeby.

Underlying the ‘Taste Pure Nature’ origin brand campaign is the nationwide NZ Farm Assurance Programme, which already has 3,500 of New Zealand’s 10.500 red meat farms signed up for independent verification of their production systems and have been audited, plus the sector’s Environment Strategy.

The B+LNZ research, “which was very comprehensive in its build-up and scale”, said Beeby, was undertaken in the US, UK, Germany, India, UAE, China, Indonesia and here in New Zealand.

The origin brand is designed to work as a layer underneath the New Zealand meat exporters’ own brands, talking about things that are consistent and “don’t move very quickly,” he said.

“In our case, that’s the uniqueness of place and uniqueness of our farming systems,” said Beeby. Over and above that individual meat companies will be differentiating their own brands and attributes of their offerings, such as breed, ageing, particular production systems and so on. Then of course there will be the brand messaging of those of retailers and foodservice companies, said Beeby.

You can watch the brand video below.



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