Texas BBQ Foods now in NZ chillers

Texas BBQ Foods Beef Brisket
Texas BBQ Foods beef brisket

Texas BBQ Foods, the brand behind New Zealand’s most authentic Texas-inspired smoked beef brisket, pork belly, cheeses and butter can now be found in the chilled section at supermarkets nationwide.

Ready to eat hot or cold, the specially-designed packs of smoked beef brisket and smoked pork belly mean the slow-cooked meats can be heated in seconds, tasting as good as it does straight from the smoker, the company says.

Texas Foods Beef Brisket pack shot
Smoked beef brisket ready to heat and eat.

Meat cuts are hand seasoned with a traditional Texas-style dry rub. They are then slow smoked and cooked with mesquite (a wood imported from North America) for 20+ hours to create a full, genuine flavour. Even the cheese and butter from Texas BBQ Foods is smoked for three hours to get a true smoke flavour with a sweet finish.

“I spent a lot of time in Houston in my previous career as an engineer,” explains co-founder Ash Peters. “I started going to the local barbecue joints and couldn’t get enough of the mesquite-smoked, slow cooked meat. It was a revelation.

“When I returned to New Zealand, I set about trying to recreate this mouth-wateringly tasty, smoky meat that was tender enough to cut with a fork. I spent hours researching and experimenting with traditional Texan spice rubs and cooking methods. It definitely started out as a hobby that ran amok!”

Family-owned and operated, Peters and co-founder Jerynn Peters launched the company in 2017 when they realised how popular the slow-cooked, smoked foods were proving with friends and family. The business now operates out of a state-of-the-art facility near Inglewood in Taranaki. The product range was first launched last year and is now available in supermarkets and some selected restaurants throughout New Zealand.

The versatility, convenience and big smoky flavours are appealing to a loyal and quickly growing fanbase, says Peters. Customers use the meat, butter and cheese in everything from wraps, sliders, platters, burgers and tacos, hot meat sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and even desserts.

Texas BBQ Foods has already racked up a number of accolades and awards. This includes winning the chilled food section of NZ Artisan Awards 2018 for the Texas BBQ Foods Smoked Pork Belly and Beef Brisket, and placing as

a finalist for the Smoked Butter.

Texas BBQ Foods products are available at Countdown, New World and Pak’nSave stores throughout the North and South Islands and include: Smoked Pork Belly. RRP $11.99 for a 200g pack; Smoked Beef Brisket  RRP $11.99 for a 200g pack; Smoked Cheese RRP $8.95 for a 155g pack; Smoked Butter RRP $6.75 for a 95g pack.

For more information on Texas BBQ Foods, the people and the products visit texasbbqfoods.com or follow the brand on Facebook.

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