Three regions head pack for Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network registrations

North Otago RMPP Action Network group
North Otago RMPP Action Network group.

Farmers in Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Canterbury and Otago are leading the way in registering for the Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network, according to the latest statistics.

Over 700 farm businesses have so far signed up for the RMPP Action Network and Waikato/Bay of Plenty (133), Canterbury (118) and Otago (114) are showing the most interest in the initiative.

Other regions showing steady signs of interest are Taranaki/Manawatu and Hawke’s Bay.

The top five areas of interest that groups are engaging in are animal performance, financial management, business planning, feed management and pasture management.

The RMPP Action Network is an initiative to support farmers to develop the confidence to turn ideas into action on-farm. It’s made up of farmer Action Groups of seven to nine farm businesses.

Action Groups are farmer-led and supported by trained facilitators to guide a group and help identify experts who can share new knowledge and ideas needed to achieve farmers’ goals. Each Action Group is eligible for kick-start funding of $4,000 per farm business, which is pooled for the group to pay for a facilitator and expert advice.

Malcolm Bailey, RMPP chairman, on farm
RMPP chairman, Malcolm Bailey, on farm.

Malcolm Bailey, RMPP chair, said feedback from the Action Groups formed so far has been pleasing.

“Farmers are welcoming the opportunity to be involved in a professionally facilitated, results-focused Action Group and the seed money to spend on specialist advice and facilitation. They also appreciate the connection to trusted, independent expertise and tapping into the knowledge and experience of other farmers.

The encouragement of fellow farmers in the group supported by rural professionals is key to achieving their goals. Forming these groups and getting underway is happening right now and farmers are already reporting on-farm improvements.”

The seed funding is available through until June 2020 and Mr Bailey urged farmers to register now and become part of RMPP Action Network.

If you are interested in joining the Red Meat Profit Partnership Action Network, go to to register, call 0800 733 632 or speak to your extension team.

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