Top Kiwi chefs sharing with young German chefs

German chefs visit NZ on culinary tour with Depot's Kyle Street (centre). Left to right are: Tobias Horsch, Ronny Bell, Kyle Street, Fabian Obergfell and Walter Triebl.

Four young German chefs were hosted by Deer Industry NZ (DINZ) last month on a tour of New Zealand deer farms, venison processing facilities and top restaurants.

DINZ venison marketing manager Marianne Wilson says the tour – which has been run in each of the last four years – was designed to encourage European chefs to explore the various ways venison can be prepared outside traditional European cuisine.

The chefs won their trip in a competition organised by DINZ where contestants had to create and present a dish showcasing New Zealand farm-raised venison. As well as seeing the sights, they have been working with some of our top culinary talent in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.

Award-winning chef Kyle Street is certain the experience will be of great value to the German chefs, who were able to expand their understanding and appreciation of Kiwi cuisine during their travels through the country.

“There are so many tips, tricks and ingredients that are unique to New Zealand. We’ve been delighted to share local expertise so that German chefs can use venison in ways they might not have experienced before. In return, we’ve picked up some ideas from some of the smartest young chefs in Europe.”


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