Twenty five years of serving up restaurant quality venison for Duncan (NZ) Ltd

Deer Industry News 71 AprilMay 2015Twenty five years of serving up quality venison for foodservice customers, earns venison exporter Duncan (NZ) Ltd a flag on the cover of the latest edition of the new look Deer Industry News.

Alongside a profile of the exporter, you’ll find news of a merger between Alpine Deer Products with Lowe Products, taking the combined co-products businesses into the future as one entity, Alpine Deer New Zealand. There’s a summary too of Meat Industry Excellence’s recently released Pathways to Long-Term Sustainability report for the red meat sector, which overlooks venison that will be impacted by any changes.

Other venison-related news includes an update on progress in the Passion2Profit programme, a visiting group of German foodwriters and the finalists in this year’s Deer Farmers’ Environmental Awards

The Deer Industry Conference 2015 ‘Hindsight to Foresight’ will be taking place at the Napier War Memorial Centre on 26 and 27 May with what looks to be a great programme. Registrations close on 15 May – Register.  The conference will also be live-streamed at

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