Two red meat related projects successful in latest $6.9 million Sustainable Farming Fund round

Two red meat sector-related projects have been awarded grants in the latest Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) funding round.

A total of $6.9 million has been awarded to 25 projects, it was announced by Primary Industries Minister, Nathan Guy.

This year’s funding includes two each in the meat and fibre sectors, six projects in the horticulture and dairy industries, three in arable and one in forestry.

One red meat sector study has been awarded $443,450 and is run by a group of farmers concerned about sustainable parasite management. The study aims to determine how pre-lambing drenching of ewes with long-acting ML drench products affects both ewe and lamb survival. This will be conducted on at least five sheep farms in the North Island over two years, giving a total of 10 trials (the equivalent of 4,000 ewes enrolled in the study).

Development of resources for new entrant deer farmers will now be possible for the Motivate Group – a joint Deer Industry NZ and NZ Deer Farmers Association training and personal development project – which has received $30,000. This will add to the deer industry’s Motivate and Next Generation initiatives that are promoting wider interest in formal and informal skills generation to help raise productivity for the sector.

Some other examples of the successful projects include reducing nutrient run-off on lowland farms, reducing use of antimicrobials when managing mastitis and increasing the market share for New Zealand olive oil.

“These are grass-roots projects that help farmers, growers and foresters to tackle problems and develop new opportunities. They are driven by local stakeholders and will make a real difference to regional communities, says Guy.

“Over the past 16 years, the Sustainable Farming Fund has invested over $125 million in projects benefiting New Zealand’s primary industries. It is an important tool in our goal to double the value of our primary sector exports by 2025.”

Sustainable Farming Fund approved projects involve funding investment by the Ministry for Primary Industries matched by significant cash co-funding and in-kind support by industry, community groups and individuals.


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